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Festive Cranberry Porridge Recipe

Porridge is a great winter breakfast, I love to pimp it up with fruit and nuts. My favourites are blueberries & maple syrup and banana, toasted almond & poppy seeds but at Christmas I like it a little more festive so came up with this Festive Cranberry Porridge recipe. You can make your porridge however you usually do and just …

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Cranberry Mojito Recipe

I’m a massive Mojito lover, they’re my favourite ever cocktail but they’re a bit too summery to be drinking at Christmas so last year I was determined to come up with a perfect Christmassy Mojito. I played around with all sorts of combinations to give my mojito a festive kick including adding cloves, cinnamon, clementines etc.. but most of them …

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Extremely Useful Cranberry Syrup Recipe

I love Christmas, especially exciting festive foods. Cranberries are one of my favourites, they just look and tastes like Christmas and go well with all sorts of sweet and savoury dishes. This cranberry syrup is gorgeous, it’s sweet but with a bit of sharpness left and amazing flavour. It’s red colour is brilliant and it’s really versatile, it can be …

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