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Solita Prestwich – Is The Third Solita The Best Yet?

Solita Prestwich

It’s no secret that I’m a big Solita fan, I have been right from the start when they had just one burger on the menu (it’s true, honestly!) Back then they were just a small Northern Quarter grill restaurant but over the last couple of years they’ve gone from strength to strength. And restaurant to restaurant. Last year saw the …

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Cuckoo, Prestwich – Possibly The Most Pointless Review Ever?

Cuckoo, Prestwich

What you’re about to read may just be the most pointless restaurant ‘review’ ever written. As no more than a week after my visit to Cuckoo in Prestwich it was announced that top chef Mary-Ellen McTague would be taking over the kitchen for a three-month residency. Just as well really as I wasn’t overly impressed with the food at the time. …

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Aumbry, Prestwich – Back On Form (Not That It Ever Really Wasn’t)

Despite being very slightly underwhelmed on my last visit to Aumbry (something which i’ve since thought was a little harsh as everything I ate was excellent) it was my first choice when choosing a restaurant to take my Mum to for her birthday. The last time I took her out on her own was to 3 Michelin starred ‘Restaurant Gordon …

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Aumbry, Prestwich – As Charming As Ever, If A Little Less Exciting

Before Simon Rogan showed up at The French there was really only one place to go for proper fine-dining in Manchester, Aumbry. Although not strictly ‘Manchester’, Prestwich is in Greater Manchester and only 3-4 miles from the city centre and connected by MetroLink. I first visited Aumbry in early 2011 and instantly fell in love with the place, it’s one …

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Aumbry Festive Tasting Menu, Prestwich

The third of my 4 planned festive dining trips this year (after Solita & Miracle On High Street) was at one of my favourite local restaurants Aumbry. This was my 4th time eating at Aumbry (although admittedly the last was a charity Gruffalo lunch) and it’s fair to say that I love the place. The food is seriously high end, head …

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Aumbry, Gruffalo Lunch, Prestwich, Manchester

When I heard that Aumbry was holding a ‘Gruffalo Lunch’ it was the perfect opportunity to take my 2 young Gruffalo loving children to one of my favourite restaurants. We arrived at the restaurant in Prestwich to find it packed full of small children crawling around the floor, the dining room decorated with Gruffalo pictures and paper cups everywhere. It …

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Aumbry, Prestwich, Manchester

* This review was written at a time when I didn’t feel comfortable taking photos of food in restaurants. That has all changed now so I hope to revisit with my camera at the ready soon! * The more I heard and read about Aumbry before I arrived the more excited I got. The head chefs are Mary-Ellen McTague & …

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