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The Food Geek Awards – 2016

Food Geek Awards 2016

Welcome to the fifth annual Food Geek Awards! (previous years are here) As I say every year, these awards are intended to be a bit of fun. Just something a bit different from the ‘Top 10’ lists that most people seem to do. They’re based purely on my dining experiences in 2016, nothing more. Best Restaurant Awards Best Dish Awards …

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The Food Geek Awards – 2015

Food Geek Awards 2015

Welcome to the fourth annual Food Geek Awards (previous years are here). I started these awards to be bit more interesting and concise than posting loads of ‘Top 10’ lists. Most of the awards contain a top three, although there are a few with a top five and a couple with just the winner. I must confess to being a …

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The Food Geek Awards – 2014

Food Geek Awards - 2014

Are we all bored of Top Ten lists yet? Me too, but that’s not going to stop me doing my own. At least my ‘Awards’ are a little different; most are just a list of three – Bronze, Silver & Gold if you like – although a few of them I just couldn’t narrow down so contain five. There have been …

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The 2013 Food Geek Awards

Last year saw the first ever Food Geek Awards. They seemed to go down pretty well and are a bit different from the usual ‘Top 10 Lists’ that are so popular at this time a year so it looks like they might become a regular thing. After eating out around 130 times in 2013 the awards are much bigger and …

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The Food Geek Awards – 2012

* Click here to view the 2013 Food Geek Awards (03/01/2014) * I didn’t make a ‘Best Of’ post last year as I wasn’t really taking the blog seriously enough back then. Also, I think it would have been dominated by my trips to L’Enclume & Noma anyway. This year I was certain I wanted to do something but as …

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National Restaurant Awards 2012 Winners

Last night saw the 5th annual ‘National Restaurant Awards’ held in London. The awards are all voted for by industry insiders including restaurant owners, chefs & food critics. Voters are not allowed to vote for any restaurant that they have a financial interest or involvement with and must have eaten there in the last 12 months. It’s an interesting list, …

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