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‘Beer Geek’ Supper Club With The Drunken Butcher

Drunken Butcher 'Beer Geek' Supper Club

A couple of months ago I hosted a private supper club. A bespoke 7-course tasting menu by the Drunken Butcher, including a curated cheeseboard. To which I paired a total of 11 beers. One for each course, four with the cheeseboard and an apéritif. It’s another one of those posts where I’m not quite sure where it belongs. On the …

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‘I liked this before anyone else knew about it’ #DBHIPSTER

Drunken Butcher Hipster SupperClub

When I first started going to the ‘Drunken Butcher’s’ supper clubs the concepts were pretty simple. Generally based around a specific cuisine or individual meat; Spanish or French for example; pork, game or steaks perhaps. Over the past year the main theme of his events have got ever more elaborate. Recent supper clubs include: ‘Poet’s Corner’, where every dish was inspired by a poem, ‘All Bets Are …

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‘The Cheek Of It’ by The Drunken Butcher

The Drunken Butcher - The Cheek Of It

Many people – including Iain, aka the Drunken Butcher – say the cheek is the best part of any animal. It makes sense really given how much work those muscles get through. They can be tough though without careful cooking, luckily he knows what he’s doing and decided to show us by putting on ‘The Cheek Of It’, a seven …

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Drunken Butcher’s Xmas Party

Drunken Butcher Xmas Party

I wasn’t feeling particularly festive when I woke up the morning after the Arepa!Areapa!Arepa! Christmas Supper Club, possibly because I was nursing a slight hangover. But there was no time for pity as I had another party to attend, this time the Drunken Butcher’s Xmas party. It didn’t look much like a party when we arrived to be honest, there was …

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Game Of Bones – ‘All Pigs Must Die’ By The Drunken Butcher

Game Of Bones by the Drunken Butcher

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the Drunken Butcher and his supper clubs. I’ve eaten his food more times than I can remember over the last year (luckily I wrote about much of it here so I don’t have to). Recently he’s been getting quite refined and producing more accomplished and technical dishes, but the thing that first attracted me to his food was rustic …

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Liz’s Deep South Feast by the Drunken Butcher

Drunken Butcher Deep South Feast

The Drunken Butcher clearly has a great imagination and talent for continuing to come up with exciting new concepts for his supper clubs, but even the greatest minds need a little help from time to time. Recently he’s taken to developing custom menu’s for private, invitation only supper clubs based on a theme chosen by the organiser. I was lucky enough to …

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‘Let’s Have A Meating’ by The Drunken Butcher

Drunken Butcher Lets Have A Meating

I’ve been to many supper clubs over the past nine months but none more regularly than the ‘Drunken Butcher’s‘ aka Iain Devine. His food is always fantastic and he somehow keeps coming up with new, interesting concepts. Most recently I attended his American themed ‘Deep South Feast’ but before that there was the aptly named ‘Let’s Have A Meating’. In preparation for the …

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Viva L’Espana – The Drunken Butcher Does Fancy & Refined

So far my experiences of the ‘Drunken Butcher‘ have mostly involved vast quantities of meat; huge pies, large roasting joints, steaks and burgers. Not that he’s a one trick pony, there was recently a ‘Healthy Eating’ supper club and there’s a Vegan one coming up too. I seem to have somehow missed them though. I attended his latest event last …

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Roast Dinner Masterclass By The Drunken Butcher

My first thought upon hearing of the Drunken Butcher’s Roast Dinner Masterclass was; “but I already know how to make good roasts”. I am rather proud of my roast dinner skills but in the end couldn’t resist attending anyway. I like Iain and it sounded like a fun way to spend a few hours on a Sunday afternoon. He certainly knows …

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Around the World in 8ish Steaks with The Drunken Butcher

In hindsight, attending a ‘Pit Masterclass’ and preview of new meatastic BBQ joint ‘Red’s True Barbecue‘ wasn’t ideal preparation for a supper club called ‘Around the World in 8ish Steaks’ just a few hours later. But sometimes life presents these unfortunate schedule clashes, where a normal person may have chosen one or the other, I went for option C – eat …

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‘On The Game’ With The Drunken Butcher (Contains MEAT)

Three weeks ago I’d never been to a supper club, having loved my first experience I couldn’t wait for the second last Saturday. This time run by DineInOut, a dining club who organise events in restaurants and private homes. I’d been tempted by several of their previous events but was finally hooked by the cheekily titled ‘On The Game’ with The Drunken Butcher. I’d been following …

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