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January Detox: ‘Namas-Tea’ At Cottonopolis, Manchester

Cottonopolis Manchester

I wasn’t planning on eating out in January. I know, I know, bear with me. I’m not really one of those types. I mean, I don’t do full on detox or ‘Dryanuary’ or anything. But after a very indulgent Christmas December I definitely needed to take it easy for a few weeks. I assumed that meant not eating out for a while. …

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Shoryu – Finally Bring Top Ramen To Manchester

Shoryu Ramen Manchester

I love Japanese food. We’re lucky to have great places like Yuzu and Umezushi in Manchester but until recently there was nowhere to go for ramen. Well, good, authentic ramen anyway. Sure there are a few restaurants with a token ramen dish on their random menus, it’s been the ‘in’ thing for a few years now. But we were definitely …

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Smokehouse & Cellar, Manchester

Smokehouse & Cellar, Manchester

If there’s one thing that Manchester’s missing, it’s good barbeque food. Sure there’s Red’s; I was a fan from the start but they seem more concerned with getting sauces into supermarkets and brewing their own (mediocre) beer these days. Then came ‘Smokehouse’ or ‘Manchester Smokehouse’ as it’s officially known. Headed up by Jason Latham, a chef who not only knows his way around …

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Grafene – Modern British Dining On King Street, Manchester

Grafene - King Street, Manchester

There’s a new addition to Manchester’s fine-dining scene. ‘Grafene’ on King Street is named after revolutionary 2D material ‘graphene’, albeit spelt incorrectly. Run by Paul and Kathryn Roden, owners of highly regarded Losehill House Hotel & Spa in the Peak District. And headed up by their executive chef over there, Darren Goodwin. Although I’ve never been to Losehill House I know several …

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Back To Umezushi, Manchester

Umezushi, Manchester

You know you’re spoilt for choice when it takes over two years to return to one of your favourite restaurants. Amazingly, after visiting Umezushi countless times during their first year, that’s how long it had been since my last trip. This despite recommending the place to countless people since. Not much has changed inside the tiny sushi bar under the railway arch on Mirabel Street. It’s …

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Hawksmoor Manchester – The Best Steak Since…

Hawksmoor Manchester

Until this year the best steak I’d had in Manchester was over 15 years ago. It was at the newly opened Gaucho Grill, one of the first nice restaurants I went to when I could afford to eat out on my own. I’ve had some decent steaks since. At the likes of Grill On The Alley, The Lowry Hotel and perhaps …

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Wahaca Spring Menu @ Corn Exchange, Manchester

Wahaca Manchester

Did you know 2016 is the ‘year of the taco’? I didn’t either but it’s true, well, according to Restaurant Magazine anyway. To be honest I’ve been obsessed with them for years but I’ll take any excuse to eat more tacos. Mexican restaurant Wahaca already have several on their menu but are celebrating the ‘year of the taco’ with a …

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Yard & Coop, Northern Quarter, Manchester

Yard & Coop - Manchester

A few years ago it was hard to get fried chicken in Manchester. Unless you were happy to slum it at the likes of Krunchy Fried Chicken on Canal Street anyway. Then Splendid Sausage changed to Splendid Kitchen and featured a couple of fried chicken dishes that ended up becoming their signature. Since then its popped up on several other restaurant …

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YO! Sushi New Menu @ Manchester Arndale

Yo! Sushi - Manchester Arndale

As far as chain restaurants go Yo! Sushi are one of the good guys. I don’t eat in many chains and of course, I wouldn’t pick Yo! Sushi over a top independent sushi bar but they’re great at what they do. Their sushi is prepared in full view of diners with decent quality ingredients. And there’s always something zooming past …

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Bunzilla Burger @ Byron Hamburgers

Byron Hamburgers

Despite the fact I’ve never actually been to Japan I consider myself a bit of a Japanophile. I’ve been obsessed with Japanese movies, culture and especially food for many years. When I heard about Bunzilla, a new burger inspired by the head chef of Byron’s recent trip to Japan I was naturally intrigued. Even more so when the description read like …

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Trove Cafe + Bakery, Levenshulme – Great Brunch But Why So Slow?

Trove Cafe + Bakery, Levenshulme

I don’t get out for breakfast often these days, mainly because it involves getting up and leaving the house far earlier than I’d like, especially on weekends. But when staying close to Levenshulme last month I couldn’t resist a trip to Trove Cafe + Bakery. Unfortunately, even when just around the corner I didn’t make it in time for breakfast, having to settle …

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Five Guys, Trafford Centre

Five Guys - Trafford Centre

There are few things that fill me with dread more than a trip to the Trafford Centre. I’m not a big shopper anyway but it’s easily my least favourite place when I have to. There’s not even anywhere worth eating to soften the blow. Or so I thought. On a recent unavoidable – but thankfully rare – visit I was really struggling for …

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Rudy’s Neapolitan Pizza, Ancoats, Manchester

Rudy's Pizza, Ancoats, Manchester

When I  wrote about new Northern Quarter pizza joint PLY last summer I wondered why the best pizzas were coming from street food traders rather than restaurants. All the best ones seem to be coming from street food vendors like Rudy’s and particularly Honest Crust. I just couldn’t understand why small traders can get it right whilst restaurants were continuously getting it wrong. …

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Winter Game Menu Preview @ Ibérica, Spinningfields, Manchester

Summer is my absolute favourite season. Mainly because I love the sun; eating and drinking outdoors just makes me happy and everywhere looks and feels better in sunshine. I can’t help getting grumpy when the days start getting colder and going dark earlier. The only thing stopping me coming down with a dose of S.A.D before January is autumn and winter food, game in particular. …

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