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Gordon Ramsay Revisit: A tribute to my Mum & goodbye to this blog

If you’ve ever read this blog before you may be surprised to find yourself here again, given it’s been over 5 years since my last post. Believe me, nobody is more surprised than me. I had no intention of blogging again, but for a few very good reasons, which I’ll get to, it just felt right. 12 years ago this …

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St. JOHN Restaurant, London

St John Restaurant

On the 1st of January, I made a New Years resolution. To visit three places that any self-respecting food blogger should have been to long ago. By the end of May, I’d made it to all three. First, Freemasons at Wiswell and most recently Man Behind The Curtain in Leeds (review coming soon). In between was the one I’d ignored the longest. ‘St. JOHN Restaurant’ in …

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Afternoon Tea In Style At sketch, London

Sketch, London

I know afternoon tea is a time-honoured British tradition. But sitting around in fancy hotels eating tiny sandwiches and pouring from a teapot isn’t exactly my idea of fun. Mrs Food Geek loves a good afternoon tea, though. So on a recent trip to London, I decided to repay the countless times she’s been dragged around restaurants and bars for my benefit. With a surprise …

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Restaurant Story, London – Michelin Star, But Does It Wow & Where’s The Story?

Restaurant Story, London

There aren’t too many restaurant openings that I get genuinely excited about these days. But Restaurant Story was definitely one of them when it launched in 2013. The ‘book themed’ restaurant where diners were asked to bring their favourite stories with them and dishes are inspired by chef Tom Sellers’ childhood memories sounded totally unique. It went on to earn a Michelin star within just …

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Breakfast @ Wahaca, Oxford Circus, London

Wahaca, Oxford Circus, London

Usually when I wake up in London wanting breakfast there’s only one place on my mind; Dishoom’s ‘Bacon Naan’ is legendary and one of my all time favourite breakfast items. But one day I fancied something different, something a little healthier perhaps. Then I remembered that Mexican street food chain Wahaca serve breakfast. Although I didn’t realise at the time that only …

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BAO, London

BAO London

You always want something more when you can’t have it. And as I stood waiting opposite BAO at 21:55, I REALLY wanted it. I knew the Taiwanese steamed bun restaurant was the current ‘go to’ place in London and I’d heard all about the queues. But I wasn’t able to get to Soho until 30 minutes before they closed at 10pm. So …

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Classic Afternoon Tea at Dorsett Shepherds Bush, London

AfternoonTea @ Dorsett Shepherds Bush

It’s surprisingly difficult to find a good afternoon tea in London on a Saturday. I’d left it too late to get a reservation at my first choice, Sketch, while many others only serve them Monday to Friday. Eventually I found Dorsett Shepherds Bush hotel. They were open, had room for us and the menu looked lovely. We started with a variety of …

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St. JOHN Maltby, Maltby Street, London

St John Maltby, Maltby Street

Maltby Street was already one of my favourite places in London; its lively Ropewalk food market features fantastic stalls, pop up bars and street food along with a great vibe and friendly atmosphere. It’s even better now thanks to the addition of St. JOHN Maltby, a sit in space under a railway arch run by legendary Michelin starred chef Fergus Henderson. …

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Street Feast, Dalston Yard, London – Proper, EPIC Street Food

I’ve really enjoyed the surge in Manchester’s street food scene lately but on a recent London trip I realised it’s still got a long way to go. After spending the day eating my way through a variety of the capital’s street food offerings I was genuinely surprised at how good it was. Starting with Borough Market, London’s most renowned food market …

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Bone Daddies Ramen Bar, London

bone daddies ramen bar

Post-gig, late night eating at home generally consists of dodgy kebabs or overpriced Domino’s pizza. Not so in London where after the recent Arctic Monkeys gig at Finsbury Park I finally made it to Japanese ramen bar ‘Bone Daddies’, located just a short walk from Chinatown in Soho. Bone Daddies – run by Ross Shonhan who was previously head chef at Nobu …

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Franco Manca, Tottenham Court Road, London

I’ve had a bit of a thing about sourdough pizzas since discovering Streatza early last year, they blew me away with the quality of their product despite working from the back of a 1969 Citroen van. Since then i’ve also enjoyed several amazing pizzas from Honest Crust who are somehow even better. Both are street food vendors though as unfortunately …

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Gymkhana, Mayfair, London – 2014 National Restaurant Awards Winner!

* Edit * On 30th June 2014 Gymkhana was named #1 in the National Restaurant Awards ‘Top 100‘ * I grew up eating in Indian restaurants on a regular basis but as my tastes evolved I somehow neglected them in favour of seemingly more exciting cuisines. Perhaps unfairly but more likely caused by one too many average meals in mediocre local ‘curry houses’. …

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A.Wong, London – Fantastic Value, Stunning Dim Sum

A.Wong, London

Although Manchester’s dining scene is thriving it’s still lacking a couple of things for me. One of them being the availability of quality dim sum, as with the exception of Yang Sing most other options are inconsistent at best. So when planning a recent trip to London I wanted to include a restaurant where I could enjoy some quality dim …

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Hawksmoor Seven Dials – A Pretty Epic Sunday Roast!

Hawksmoor is famous for the quality of it’s meat, Giles Coren claimed it “Flawless. The best steak you’ll find anywhere.”, high praise indeed! Thinking that a big, fat, juicy steak would be ideal after a heavy night/weekend I booked lunch at their Seven Dials restaurant on the Sunday of our trip, the 9th and final stop just 48 hours after arriving at …

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MEATliquor – What Almost Famous Tries & Fails To Be

If you’ve read my Almost Famous review you’ll know that I have a problem with their ‘edgy’ attitude & marketing. So you may find it strange that I loved MEATliquor as it’s pretty clear that Almost Famous were very heavily inspired by them in the first place. There are a few subtle differences though, firstly whilst MEATliqour do have a …

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