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The Solita Christmas Burger 2016

Solita Christmas Burger 2016

I’m a bit of a sucker for tradition, especially at Christmas. Only good ones though, usually involving food, not rubbish stuff like the John Lewis ad. After having the Solita Christmas burger for the past four years I definitely consider it one of them. After deciding to eat at Solita the next job is picking which one. With four to choose from it’s not …

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Solita Preston – ‘Dirty Food’ Arrives In Lancashire

Solita Preston

It’s been over three months since I intended to get this ‘First Look’ of Solita Preston published. They’re pretty fast movers so there’s every chance a new Solita has popped up to join it since. (As it happens, there haven’t been any more openings but they have announced a couple of new ventures. More on that later). Solita Preston is …

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The Solita Christmas Burger 2015 (And NQ Refurb)

Solita Christmas Burger 2015

The Solita Christmas burger is now a firmly established Food Geek Christmas tradition. I left it late this year but made it to the original Northern Quarter restaurant on Christmas Eve Eve Eve to get my festive fix for the fourth consecutive year. The newly refurbished basement is looking great, modelled on the impressive designs of the newer Didsbury & …

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Solita Prestwich – Is The Third Solita The Best Yet?

Solita Prestwich

It’s no secret that I’m a big Solita fan, I have been right from the start when they had just one burger on the menu (it’s true, honestly!) Back then they were just a small Northern Quarter grill restaurant but over the last couple of years they’ve gone from strength to strength. And restaurant to restaurant. Last year saw the …

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The Very Famous Solita Christmas Burger

SoLita Didsbury Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like.. okay, it already looks a LOT like Christmas because apparently it’s happening in two days time. Whether I’m ready or not. At the start of December I hatched grand plans to visit the restaurants of Manchester sampling the very best festive food on offer. As it happened, I had no time for such fun. Just …

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The New Menu At Solita, And Which Is Best: NQ or Didsbury?

The New Menu At SoLita Manchester

It’s well known that Solita is one of my favourite restaurants; besides the great food it’s the fact that they never stop changing and improving that I love most. Blink and you might miss an amazing special, don’t return for a few months and you’re likely to find a completely refreshed menu next time. It wasn’t even six months ago …

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Solita Didsbury – The NQ Meets The Suburbs!

SoLita Didsbury

Long time readers will know I’m a huge fan of Northern Quarter restaurant Solita, having visited many, many times in the two years since they opened, including around 25 times in 2013 alone! For the good of my health I’ve cut back significantly this year but was still incredibly excited to hear about their plans to open a second restaurant …

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Previewing The New Menu @ SoLITA

It’s hard to believe now but when popular Northern Quarter restaurant SoLITA opened in the summer of 2012 there was actually only one burger on the menu. As their popularity grew so did the number of burgers on both the main menu and regularly updated specials board. Although I’ve enjoyed many of them over the past 18 months, I was pleased to see the new …

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Friday Food Fight – SE 01 . EP 07 (18/04/2014) – Kendal Calling Official Manchester Launch Party!

It’s always a good Friday at B.eat Street’s ‘Friday Food Fight‘ but for episode 07 it actually was Good Friday! What better way to commemorate Jesus’ crucifixion than with amazing street food? Not only was it a four day weekend but the weather was stunning too, Manchester was looking fabulous in the sun. The Beetham Tower opposite Upper Campfield market – the home …

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Friday Food Fight – SE 01 . EP 04 (28/03/2014)

After attending EP 01 & 02 of Friday Food Fight but missing EP03 I was determined to make it to EP 04 last week, despite the fact I already had plans for the evening. The great thing about the event is you can come and go as you please, stay as long as you like and eat as much or …

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The 2013 SoLita ‘Christmas Burger’ (& Krabby Patty)

Forget the John Lewis ad (or Coca-Cola if you’re feeling retro) it’s not Christmas for me until i’ve had the SoLita Christmas burger. OK, so it’s only the second year of this particular tradition but I hope it will continue and become as regular as the others. Last years was pretty spectacular but somehow they managed to top it with …

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Dinner At Franco’s – An Italian Winter Feast In Aid Of Trussell Trust

After attending two fabulous supper clubs recently my third had a lot to live up to. I had particularly high hopes for this one though as it was held by Franco Sotgiu owner of one of my favourite Manchester restaurants, SoLita. Never one to undersell himself Franco described the event in aid of Trussell Trust as “A Rather Special Italian …

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SoLita Specials – The UK’s First Ramen Burger, #Burger & Many More

It’s no secret that i’m a huge fan of SoLita in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. As somebody who loves to try new places there aren’t many restaurants I revisit regularly but thanks to Foursquare I know I’ve been to SoLita at least 21 times so far this year. Possibly bordering on obsessive? For fear of boring you all to death and …

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‘Breaking Bad’ Night @ SoLita. Yeah Bitch!

Breaking Bad Night @ Solita

You’ve probably noticed that I don’t need much of an excuse to visit SoLita. I’ve spent an unhealthy amount of time there recently so after my last visit self-imposed a ban in the hope of maybe fitting into my holiday clothes in a couple of weeks. I lasted 13 days. Actually impressive by recent standards and the ban wasn’t broken …

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