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Back To The Lord Clyde, Kerridge – More Stunning From From Ernst Van Zyl

The Lord Clyde, Kerridge

Sometimes you go back to a restaurant you loved and leave disappointed. It just can’t live up to your memories. But others seem to get better and better with every visit. The Lord Clyde in Kerridge, Cheshire is very much the latter. I first ate owner/head chef Ernst’s food when he was at the Etrop Grange hotel in 2013. It looked amazing …

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International Cheese Awards 2015, Nantwich

International Cheese Awards 2015

If you love cheese as much as I do there’s no better place to be in July than the Nantwich show, home to the ‘biggest cheese marquee in the world’ where the ‘International Cheese Awards’ are held annually. I loved my previous visit to the trade and judging day and this year was set to be bigger and better than ever …

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The Railway Cafe by Mughli – Alderley Edge Pop-up

The Railway Cafe by Mughli

The more popular this blog has become the more emails I receive from PR agencies. Often they want me to sell my soul for an egg cup or a packet of biscuits. Sometimes they’re invites to places I wouldn’t dream of going, sometimes they’re invites to nice events and sometimes they’re just news. I hardly ever do anything with the ‘just news’ …

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Davenport Arms, Woodford, Cheshire

Davenport Arms, Woodford, Stockport, Cheshire

I had no intention of eating at the Davenport Arms in Woodford when I arrived, in fact, 15 minutes earlier I had no idea it even existed. It was a beautiful midsummer day in July, most of which I’d spent wandering around nearby Woodford Garden Centre before stuffing my face on fine produce purchased there during a picnic at Woodford …

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Sticky Walnut, Chester – ‘Restaurant of the Year’

Sticky Walnut, Chester

If you follow restaurants on Twitter like I do, you probably know all about Sticky Walnut in Chester. Owner and head chef Gary certainly has an interesting approach to social media. His self-deprecating tweets are incredibly refreshing while his rants at bad TripAdvisor ‘reviews’ are highly amusing, but it’s the fascinating insight into Gary’s professional (and sometimes personal) life that I follow …

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International Cheese Awards 2014, Nantwich – A Grand Day Out

International Cheese Awards 2014

Last month I was lucky enough to attend the ‘Judging & Trade Day’ of the International Cheese Awards in Nantwich. Held in a giant tent in Cheshire – the largest cheese marquee in the world apparently! – some 4,443 cheeses from 26 countries were judged by a group of experts. While they got on with the judging I did a little tasting …

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International Cheese Awards – Nantwich 2014

“Gromit, that’s it! Cheese! We’ll go somewhere where there’s cheese!” Wallace & Gromit went to the moon for their cheese filled ‘grand day out’ but you don’t have to! Next week sees the return of the International Cheese Awards to Nantwich in Cheshire. Cheese lovers from all over the world, including yours truly will gather in the 80,000 sq ft …

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The Lord Clyde, Kerridge – Simply Stunning Food From Ernst Van Zyl

An early highlight of 2013 was a trip to The WineGlass at Etrop Grange last February where chef Ernst Van Zyl created a fantastic bespoke tasting menu for us. We’d been planning to return for months but just as we finally set a date in the summer heard that Ernst had left and then disappeared for a while. Appearing again …

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