Food Geek Awards 2015

The Food Geek Awards – 2015

Welcome to the fourth annual Food Geek Awards (previous years are here).

I started these awards to be bit more interesting and concise than posting loads of ‘Top 10’ lists. Most of the awards contain a top three, although there are a few with a top five and a couple with just the winner.

I must confess to being a bit lazier in 2015 than previous years (and busier too with another blog to keep up with). There are many posts I haven’t managed to publish yet, most probably won’t get done now. So, with a couple of exceptions I’ve chosen not to include these in the awards.

Finally, as I say every year, please remember that these awards are just a bit of fun. They’re based purely on my dining experiences – or more accurately, what I remember of my dining experiences – in 2015, nothing more.

Best Restaurant Awards

Best Casual Dining Restaurant

3rd: Solita, Prestwich
2nd: Wahaca, Manchester

1st: Splendid Kitchen, ManchesterSplendid Kitchen

Best 'Gastropub'

Best 'International Cuisine' Restaurant

5th: Siam Smiles, Manchester
4th: Ibérica, Manchester
3rd: Levanter Fine Foods, Ramsbottom
2nd, Mughli, Manchester

1st: BAO, LondonBAO, London

Best Value Restaurant

3rd: Splendid Kitchen, Manchester
2nd: Siam Smiles, Manchester

1st: Levanter Fine Foods, Ramsbottom

Best Service

3rd: Restaurant Story, London
2nd: Levanter Fine Foods, Ramsbottom

1st: The French, Manchester

Best New Restaurant

3rd: Wahaca, Manchester
2nd: Bao, London

1st: Ibérica, Manchester
Iberica Manchester

Best Restaurant/Overall Dining Experience

1st: The French, Manchester

Best Dish Awards

Best Burger (In A Restaurant)

3rd: Christmas Burger (Solita)
2nd: ‘Burger’ (Burger & Lobster, Manchester)

1st: Cow & Chicken Burger (Splendid Kitchen)
Cow & Chicken Burger

Best Cocktail (In A Restaurant)

3rd: Chilli Mojito (George’s Dining Room & Bar, Worsley)
2nd: Passion Fruit Margarita (Wahaca, Manchester)

1st: Mars Bar Eggnog (Solita, Manchester)
Mars Bar Eggnog

Best Bread

1st: Bread & Dripping (Restaurant Story, London)
Rosemary and Thyme Focaccia

Best Side Dish / Snack

3rd: Lobster Mac & Cheese (Burger & Lobster, Manchester)
2nd: Aubergine, Wonton Crisp (BAO, London)

1st: Popcorn Cockles (Common, Manchester)

Best Small Plate (Starter/Tapas/Dim Sum)

5th: Frijoles With Chorizo (Wahaca, Manchester)
4th: Tempura Avocado (George’s Dining Room & Bar, Worsley)
3rd: Taiwanese Fried Chicken (BAO, London)
2nd: Cheeseburger Spring Rolls (Solita, Manchester)

1st: Scallop, Cucumber, Dill Ash (Resturant Story, London)
Crispy Lamb's Tongue

Best Main Course

5th: Roast Suckling Pig (George’s Dining Room & Bar, Worsley)
4th: Fried Chicken Dinner (Splendid Kitchen, Manchester)
3rd: Atun A La Plancha (Levanter Fine Foods, Ramsbottom)
2nd: Kuay Tiew Ped (Siam Smiles, Manchester)

1st: Pheasant Breast with Festive Trimmings, (Parkers Arms, review coming soon)
Pheasant Breast with Festive Trimmings

Best Dessert

5th: Snickers Mess (6/Cut, Monton)
4th: Spanish Rice Pudding (Ibérica, Manchester)
3rd: Ice Cream Donut Sandwich (Solita, Prestwich)
2nd: Chocolate & Chestnut Melting Pudding (Parkers Arms, review coming soon)

1st: “Tocinillo de cielo” (Ibérica, Manchester)
Tocinillo de cielo

Best Cheese Board/Trolley

3rd: Friends Of Ham, Leeds
2nd: The French, Manchester

1st: The Marble Arch, Manchester

Cheese Board

Best Beer Selection (In A Restaurant)

3rd: Rudy’s Pizza, Manchester (review coming soon)
2nd: PLY, Manchester

1st: Restaurant Story. London

Restaurant Story London

Street Food Awards

Best Street Food Event

Best Street Food Dish

5th: Haggis Cheese Toastie (Beavertown Tap Room)
4th: Mega Tender Rump (Andy Annat @ Leeds International Beer Festival)
3rd: Pork Wontons (Maiden Taiwan @ Grub WBF)
2nd: Chilli Wurst (Herman ze German @ Maltby St Market)

1st: Guinea Fowl, Chicory, Apple, Chestnuts – (Season’s Eatings @ Grub WBF)
Yorkshire Cheese Board

Best Street Food Burger

3rd: Busan Burger (Busan BBQ @ Shebeen Festival)
2nd: Big Wonder (Almost Famous @ Indy Man Beer Fest)

1st: Bleecker Black (Bleecker @ Southbank, London)
Bleecker Black

Best Street Food Pizza

3rd: Pig Cheek (Honest Crust @ Indy Man Beer Con)
2nd: Wor Margaret (Scream For Pizza @ Leeds International Beer Fest)

1st: Atomica (Honest Cust @ Shebeen Festival)
Honest Crust Atomica

Supper Club Awards

Best Supper Club

3rd: I liked this before anybody else knew about it (Drunken Butcher)
2nd: The Cheek Of It (Drunken Butcher)

1st: A Venezian Evening Of Cicchetti (Gourmet Gays)
Gourmet Gays Supper Club

Best Supper Club Cocktail

3rd: Pomegranate Cosmopolitan (Jewish Soul Food)
2nd: Coco Pop & Rare Batch Bourbon Milkshake (I liked this before anyone else knew about it)

1st: DIY G&T (I liked this before anyone else knew about it)


Best Supper Club Snack / Side

3rd: Chopped Liver Choux Buns (Balabusta Delight)
2nd: Fried Olives & Hazelbuts (A Venezian Evening Of Cicchetti)

1st: Brussels Sprouts & Pastrami Bites (Jewish Soul Food)
Brussels Sprouts & Pastrami Bites

Best Supper Club Starter

3rd: Manchester’s first authentic Dim Sum (I liked this before anyone else knew about it)
2nd: Cured Duck Prosciutto / Quails Egg, Anchovy & Speck (A Venezian Evening Of Cicchetti)

1st: Pork Cheeks, Mashed Potato Sauce (The Cheek Of It)
Pork Cheeks, Mashed Potato Sauce

Best Supper Club Main Course

3rd: Salt Beef, Falafel Crusted Chicken Goujons (Jewish Soul Food)
2nd: Bone broth with soba noodles & organic vegetables (I liked this before anyone else knew about it)

1st: Chicken Liver Risotto (A Venezian Evening Of Cicchetti)
Chicken Liver Risotto

Best Supper Club Dessert

3rd: Apple & Challah Pudding (Balabusta Delight)
2nd: Lemon Meringue (A Venezian Evening Of Cicchetti)

1st: Cereal Milk Ice Cream (I liked this before anyone else knew about it)
Cereal Milk Ice Cream

Worst Of Awards

Worst Dish

3rd: St Louis Ribs (The Yorkshire Pit @ Magic Rock Tap)
2nd: Grilled Halloumi (The Ford Madox Brown, Manchester)

1st: Tandoori Chicken Bites (The Ford Madox Brown, Manchester)
Tandoori Chicken

Worst Overall Experience

1st: The Ford Madox Brown, Manchester (Review coming soon…. maybe)

So that’s what I thought of 2015. How about you?

Feel free to let me know if you agree/disagree in the comments below…

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