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YO! Sushi New Menu @ Manchester Arndale

Yo! Sushi - Manchester Arndale

As far as chain restaurants go Yo! Sushi are one of the good guys. I don’t eat in many chains and of course, I wouldn’t pick Yo! Sushi over a top independent sushi bar but they’re great at what they do. Their sushi is prepared in full view of diners with decent quality ingredients. And there’s always something zooming past …

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Viet Shack, Manchester Arndale – The Best Value Lunch In Town?

Viet Shack, Manchester Arndale

I realised recently that compared to previous years i’ve hardly eaten in any ‘fine-dining’ restaurants so far in 2014. As much as I still enjoy refined French food and good wine with fancy silver service I often have the feeling of ‘been there, done that’, they just don’t excite me as much as they once did. It’s partly fatigue from over …

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