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Gordon Ramsay Revisit: A tribute to my Mum & goodbye to this blog

If you’ve ever read this blog before you may be surprised to find yourself here again, given it’s been over 5 years since my last post. Believe me, nobody is more surprised than me. I had no intention of blogging again, but for a few very good reasons, which I’ll get to, it just felt right. 12 years ago this …

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Restaurant Gordon Ramsay (Revisit), London

* * Please note: this review is from a time when I (stupidly) didn’t feel comfortable taking photographs in restaurants. Some photos have been kindly borrowed from other blogs (credit given) * * This was where it all began for me. Almost 4 years ago, in 2006, my love of fine-dining started with my first visit to Restaurant Gordon Ramsay. …

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Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, London

* Please note that this review has been written retrospectively and was of a time when I didn’t feel comfortable taking photographs of food in restaurants. * My first genuine fine-dining experience was at 3 Michelin starred flagship restaurant of Gordon Ramsay in Chelsea. At the time it was considered to be the second best restaurant in the country by …

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