Trove Cafe + Bakery, Levenshulme – Great Brunch But Why So Slow?

Trove Cafe + Bakery, Levenshulme

I don’t get out for breakfast often these days, mainly because it involves getting up and leaving the house far earlier than I’d like, especially on weekends. But when staying close to Levenshulme last month I couldn’t resist a trip to Trove Cafe + Bakery. Unfortunately, even when just around the corner I didn’t make it in time for breakfast, having to settle …

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Breakfast @ Friends Of Ham, Leeds

Friends Of Ham, Leeds

I’m really growing to love Leeds; in fact, in many ways I think I prefer it to Manchester now. I’m still finding out about the city, but one place I keep going back to is Friends Of Ham. Having been a few times for their fantastic charcuterie and great range of craft beers, I recently visited in the morning to try their …

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