Beer and Curry Experience Taste Box from Kelham Farm Shop

Kelham Farm Shop - Curry & Beer Experience

I have a simple policy when it comes to accepting products for review. I simply ask: ‘would I actually pay for it myself’. Usually, the answer is a resounding NO. But occasionally I get offered something that piques my interest. Like a box of goodies from Yorkshire’s highly regarded Kelham Farm Shop. There are 24 Taste Boxes in Keelham’s range. Available …

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Williamson Tea’s ‘Purple Matcha’ Review

Williamson Tea - Purple Matcha

As a food blogger, my inbox is regularly flooded with invitations to review a whole host of products. Most of which I wouldn’t dream of ever using, let alone reviewing. But one recently caught my attention. I was contacted by Williamson Tea who asked if I’d like to sample their new ‘Purple Matcha’ tea. I’ve been drinking green tea for …

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A Chobani Inspired Dinner At Room Restaurant


Hands up if you’ve heard of Chobani? Don’t worry, I hadn’t either until last week when I was invited to a Chobani inspired dinner at Room Restaurant. It turns out they’re a brand of strained yoghurts. They’re new to the UK but have a pretty interesting background. I’m a big fan of Greek/strained yoghurt and use it all the time …

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