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The Solita Christmas Burger 2016

Solita Christmas Burger 2016

I’m a bit of a sucker for tradition, especially at Christmas. Only good ones though, usually involving food, not rubbish stuff like the John Lewis ad. After having the Solita Christmas burger for the past four years I definitely consider it one of them. After deciding to eat at Solita the next job is picking which one. With four to choose from it’s not …

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The Solita Christmas Burger 2015 (And NQ Refurb)

Solita Christmas Burger 2015

The Solita Christmas burger is now a firmly established Food Geek Christmas tradition. I left it late this year but made it to the original Northern Quarter restaurant on Christmas Eve Eve Eve to get my festive fix for the fourth consecutive year. The newly refurbished basement is looking great, modelled on the impressive designs of the newer Didsbury & …

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The Very Famous Solita Christmas Burger

SoLita Didsbury Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like.. okay, it already looks a LOT like Christmas because apparently it’s happening in two days time. Whether I’m ready or not. At the start of December I hatched grand plans to visit the restaurants of Manchester sampling the very best festive food on offer. As it happened, I had no time for such fun. Just …

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The 2013 SoLita ‘Christmas Burger’ (& Krabby Patty)

Forget the John Lewis ad (or Coca-Cola if you’re feeling retro) it’s not Christmas for me until i’ve had the SoLita Christmas burger. OK, so it’s only the second year of this particular tradition but I hope it will continue and become as regular as the others. Last years was pretty spectacular but somehow they managed to top it with …

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Christmas At Solita

I love Christmas but for some reason so far this year I’m not feeling very festive yet. It will definitely come but to help hurry that festive feeling along I decided to sample the new Christmas menu items at one of my favourite Manchester restaurants, Solita. Solita are well known for their burgers, they taste great thanks to being cooked …

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