Pancake Corner, Urmston, Manchester

A restaurant that only serves pancakes? I love pancakes (who doesn’t?) so I was obviously excited by this prospect.

Pancake Corner is a bit out of the way down a back street in Urmston but there is a popup coming to Manchester’s Spinningfields soon. It was completely empty when we arrived and it actually looked closed, luckily it wasn’t. Inside is quite small and cosy with an open kitchen with the pancakes being cooked in full view.

The choice of savoury pancakes is quite small but there are some interesting combinations. I went for the ‘Veggie Delight’ which contained cherry tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms & cheese, I also added olives as an extra. Mrs FoodGeek had ‘Tuna’ which was simply tuna & cheese, although she added sweetcorn.

Both were good and it was fun to watch them being made in front of us. The pancakes were well cooked and very large, the flavours worked well and the cheese was nicely melted which held everything together. The token bit of salad was a bit dull and unnecessary though.

Savoury Pancake

Almost as exciting as the selection of pancakes is the choice of milkshakes with flavours such as Creme Egg, Oreo, Maltesers & KitKat! We went for M&M’s and Lindt Dark Chocolate. Both were huge and excellent quality, really thick from a generous amount of ice cream. The M&M flavoured was the best, I was expecting it to be made with Chocolate M&Ms which would have been fine but it was actually made with Peanut M&Ms which is even better, it was really delicious.

The Lindt Dark Chocolate milkshake was nice too but the dark chocolate flavour was quite subtle, it looked very pale with only specs of brown in it so perhaps needed a bit more chocolate.

M&Ms Milkshake, Lindt Dark Chocolate Milkshake

It was the dessert pancakes that I was most looking forward too. Choosing was difficult as they all sounded great, in the end I ordered ‘Cookie Crumble’ which is Nutella and crushed cookies I also added bananas. It was amazing, the Nutella and crumbled cookies tasted so good together and the banana added a nice freshness. It was only let down by the ‘whipped cream’ on the side. I’m sorry, but real cream does not come out of an aerosol can!

Mrs FG had ‘The Good, The Bad & The Spicy’ which contained apple puree, Nutella and cinnamon. This was nice too although I felt that the apple was maybe a little too sweet but she enjoyed it.

Sweet Pancake

Overall Pancake Corner is good fun, it’s probably not the sort of place that I would visit on a regular basis but i’d definitely go again. It’s quirky, fast and excellent value. If you like pancakes you should check it out!

Date Of Visit: 15.11.12

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  1. The pancakes and milkshakes look fantastic! I would definitely visit. In Nottingham there is a Happy Eggs pancake cafe

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