Food Pairing Dinner At Ibérica, Spinningfields

Iberica Spinningfields

I started my sister blog to avoid writing about beer to much over here. But every now and again I attend an event and can’t decide where best to put it. That happened recently when I was invited to a ‘Food Pairing Dinner’ at Ibérica, Spinningfields. Since it was hosted by Spanish brewery Casimiro I decided it was better suited over …

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Winter Game Menu Preview @ Ibérica, Spinningfields, Manchester

Summer is my absolute favourite season. Mainly because I love the sun; eating and drinking outdoors just makes me happy and everywhere looks and feels better in sunshine. I can’t help getting grumpy when the days start getting colder and going dark earlier. The only thing stopping me coming down with a dose of S.A.D before January is autumn and winter food, game in particular. …

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‘Great Chefs, Great Causes’ @ Ibérica, Spinningfields, Manchester

Iberica Spinningfields Manchester

It’s not everyday you get the chance to eat dishes from several of the world’s best chefs in the same place at the same time. But a few weeks ago I did exactly that after being invited to the press launch of ‘Great Chefs, Great Causes’ at Ibérica in Spinningfields. Of course, Albert Adrià and Joan Roca of El Celler de …

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Levanter Fine Foods – Beautiful Spanish Tapas In…. Ramsbottom?!

Levanter Fine Foods Ramsbottom

Despite being a lover of Spanish food it’s not a cuisine I often eat outside of Spain. Mainly because most of our restaurants are usually full of the same old clichéd dishes that are inevitably never as good as the real thing. Also, so much traditional Spanish cooking is fairly simple but relies on the quality of ingredients and I don’t think …

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Viva L’Espana – The Drunken Butcher Does Fancy & Refined

So far my experiences of the ‘Drunken Butcher‘ have mostly involved vast quantities of meat; huge pies, large roasting joints, steaks and burgers. Not that he’s a one trick pony, there was recently a ‘Healthy Eating’ supper club and there’s a Vegan one coming up too. I seem to have somehow missed them though. I attended his latest event last …

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Ambiente, Worsley – Unexpectedly Charming Spanish Tapas

These days, us bloggers are often criticised for accepting ‘freebies’, personally I turn down far more than I accept but when I do it’s with a completely clear conscience. Partly because they’re not actually ‘free’ at all, we provide publicity to the restaurants which otherwise would have cost them far more than a bit of free food. More importantly, good blog posts take a …

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L’Alguer Restaurant, L’Ametlla de Mar, Spain – Paella By The Sea

Whilst lay on a beach sunbathing it suddenly occurred to me that I’d been in Spain for 6 days and not eaten a paella yet! With no idea how or why i’d let it happen I immediately set to rectify the situation. I was in the quiet, fishermans village of L’Ametlla de Mar and thankfully didn’t have to venture far. …

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Casa de Tapas Cañota, Barcelona, Spain – Probably The ‘Funnest’ Meal EVER!

I think eating at Casa de Tapas Cañota was my most fun restaurant experience ever. Not the best overall but probably the most ‘fun’. Run by the Iglesias brothers who also own well loved restaurant ‘Rías de Galicia’ and ‘Tickets’ with Ferran Adrià my expectations were set pretty high. You can tell it’s a fun place immediately from the bright …

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Tapas 24, Barcelona, Spain – Home Of The McFoie!

Chef Carles Abellán had revolutionised the tapas scene with his restaurant Comerç 24. After working with culinary legend Ferran Adrià at elBulli and other restaurants for 15 years he opened Comerç 24 in 2001. The food there is elaborate ‘designer tapas’ with influences from Mexican, Italian and Asian cuisines. I recently visited his second restaurant Tapas 24. Certainly more traditional …

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La Salsa, Bolton

I’ve been longing for some Spanish tapas ever since visiting Dos de Mayo in Seville last month. We don’t have anything even close in the U.K, never mind in Bolton but we do have a nice, simple and very decent little tapas restaurant ‘La Salsa’. It’s been a few years since my last visit but I was a regular in the past …

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Bodega Dos de Mayo, Seville, Spain

As soon as I noticed how close we were to Spain I just had to pay a visit. I love Ibiza and Barcelona is one of my favourite places in the world but I haven’t been to southern Spain since a package holiday many years ago as a small child. Looking at a map I picked out Seville as the …

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