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Back To Umezushi, Manchester

Umezushi, Manchester

You know you’re spoilt for choice when it takes over two years to return to one of your favourite restaurants. Amazingly, after visiting Umezushi countless times during their first year, that’s how long it had been since my last trip. This despite recommending the place to countless people since. Not much has changed inside the tiny sushi bar under the railway arch on Mirabel Street. It’s …

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Friday Food Fight – SE 01 . EP 01 (07/03/2014)

It’s a few years ago now, but I’ve spent many Friday nights in warehouse like buildings with DJs playing dance music. Back then it was all about the music but yesterday at the inaugural Friday Food Night I got that same buzz I used to from clubbing only this time it was all about the food. I’d been looking forward …

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Italian Wine Tasting with Umezushi & Italy Abroad

I love Japanese food and I love wine – particularly Italian – so what could be better than an Italian Wine Tasting night at one of my favourite Japanese restaurants? Not much I thought so despite feeling a tad delicate after the Arepa supper club the previous night I decided to go along to Umezushi and check it out. The event …

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More Than Just Sushi At Umezushi, Manchester

I’ve returned to Umezushi a few times since my first visit back in March, each occasion was enjoyable but I chose not to write them up since the food was very similar. I couldn’t resist writing about my latest visit last Wednesday though. It was a typically cold and miserable Manchester evening as we rushed the short distance from Victoria …

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Stunning Sushi From UmeZushi! , Manchester

I don’t claim to be an expert in Japanese food, in fact, i’ll probably never be an expert in any cuisine since my tastes are so wide and varied. I have been fond of Japanese food though since visiting an amazing restaurant in Barcelona almost 10 years ago. It’s a cuisine I have neglected in recent years until a very …

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