Room, King Street Manchester
Room, King Street Manchester

Room, King Street, Manchester. Not Really A Review, But I Like It!

Last Friday I ate at Room on King Street in Manchester. Being a business lunch I didn’t have my bloggers hat on, I didn’t take photos or notes and had no intention of writing it up.

However, I was so impressed I just couldn’t resist a small post, it’s not really a review but I wanted to say how much I enjoyed it.

The impressive and rather large dining room looks like it belongs in a grand manor and can cater for 120 people although it was quiet whilst I was there.

I ate from the extremely good value Set Lunch Menu with 3 courses and a glass of wine for just £17.50!

The wine was decent and the food mostly good, from the fresh, light and tasty ‘Mackerel & Grapefruit’ starter to the exciting take on surf & turf ‘BBQ Pulled Pork & Sea Bass’, a brilliant dish. Well cooked meat & fish served with cornbread and a delicious sticky BBQ sauce.

The ‘Trio Of Gooseberry’ dessert wasn’t quite as successful. The ‘Fool’ was OK but I found both the cream and ice cream far too sweet, all 3 elements lacked the sharpness of a gooseberry dish. There was also some sort of oat thing that I really didn’t understand and was almost impossible to eat. I’ll forgive them as the first 2 courses were great and it’s such good value.

Service was excellent throughout and overall it was a really good experience. I’ll definitely return soon and in full on blogger mode next time.

Date Of Visit: 26.07.2013

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  1. I would have loved to see the client’s face if you’d whipped out your camera and started making notes on the food! :D

  2. That’s the only reason I didn’t, and that I wasn’t paying. I was so tempted though, was almost literally sitting on my hands to stop myself!

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