Back To The Lord Clyde, Kerridge – More Stunning From From Ernst Van Zyl

The Lord Clyde, Kerridge

Sometimes you go back to a restaurant you loved and leave disappointed. It just can’t live up to your memories. But others seem to get better and better with every visit. The Lord Clyde in Kerridge, Cheshire is very much the latter. I first ate owner/head chef Ernst’s food when he was at the Etrop Grange hotel in 2013. It looked amazing …

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George’s Dining Room & Bar, Worsley

George's Dining Room & Bar, Worsley

I can’t say I was particularly interested when I heard Ryan Giggs had bought a restaurant, even less so knowing it was in Worsley. Not that there’s anything wrong with the lovely little village, it’s just a bit out of the way for me. But shortly after ‘George’s’ opened I began hearing great things, especially regarding head chef Andrew Parker, …

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Momentum Restaurant & Lounge, Westhoughton, Bolton

Momentum Restaurant & Lounge, Westhoughton

It’s ever so slightly awkward being asked to visit somewhere you’ve previously been fairly negative about. It happened recently when I was invited to Momentum Restaurant & Lounge in Westhoughton. I’m assuming they hadn’t read my less than glowing review anyway. Still, it was over two years ago and my complaints were all service related. I was impressed by the food back then so thought it’d be …

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Mughli and Clyde – A Modernist Take On Mughlai Cuisine

Certain names just belong together; Romeo & Juliet, Lennon & McCartney or Batman & Robin for example. The latest addition to that list is Mughli & Clyde after not only the highlight of my year so far but quite possibly one of my favourite ever nights out. I try not to set my expectations too high for fear of disappointment, …

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The Lord Clyde, Kerridge – Simply Stunning Food From Ernst Van Zyl

An early highlight of 2013 was a trip to The WineGlass at Etrop Grange last February where chef Ernst Van Zyl created a fantastic bespoke tasting menu for us. We’d been planning to return for months but just as we finally set a date in the summer heard that Ernst had left and then disappeared for a while. Appearing again …

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Room, King Street, Manchester. Not Really A Review, But I Like It!

Room, King Street Manchester

Last Friday I ate at Room on King Street in Manchester. Being a business lunch I didn’t have my bloggers hat on, I didn’t take photos or notes and had no intention of writing it up. However, I was so impressed I just couldn’t resist a small post, it’s not really a review but I wanted to say how much …

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Momentum, Westhoughton, Bolton

I have a huge list of restaurants I’d like to visit, one that was on the list for a while was ‘Red’ in Westhoughton. I was annoyed when it shut down before I’d had chance to pay them a visit as I’d heard good things about them and they won Lancashire Life’s ‘Best Restaurant of the Year’ within a year …

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