The Lord Clyde, Kerridge

Back To The Lord Clyde, Kerridge – More Stunning From From Ernst Van Zyl

Sometimes you go back to a restaurant you loved and leave disappointed. It just can’t live up to your memories. But others seem to get better and better with every visit. The Lord Clyde in Kerridge, Cheshire is very much the latter. I first ate owner/head chef Ernst’s food when he was at the Etrop Grange hotel in 2013. It looked amazing …

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Provenance Food Hall & Restaurant, Westhoughton

Provenance Food Hall & Restaurant – The Best Food In Westhoughton, Fact

Want to know one of the best things about writing a food blog? Every now and again I get pleasantly surprised by somewhere I wouldn’t have gone otherwise. I was actually invited to Provenance Food Hall & Restaurant earlier in the year. But declined because I genuinely didn’t believe there could be anywhere worth eating in Westhoughton. For those that …

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The Man Behind The Curtain, Leeds

The Man Behind The Curtain, Leeds

There are few restaurants I’ve had to wait as long to get into as The Man Behind The Curtain in Leeds. In fact, there are only three; Noma, The Fat Duck and Restaurant Gordon Ramsay. This one was largely my own doing, though. Back in 2014, you could basically walk in off the street. But at that time I wasn’t sure …

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St John Restaurant

St. JOHN Restaurant, London

On the 1st of January, I made a New Years resolution. To visit three places that any self-respecting food blogger should have been to long ago. By the end of May, I’d made it to all three. First, Freemasons at Wiswell and most recently Man Behind The Curtain in Leeds (review coming soon). In between was the one I’d ignored the longest. ‘St. JOHN Restaurant’ in …

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Lancashire Cook Book Launch At Nutter's

Nutter’s 23rd Birthday Celebrations & Lancashire Cook Book Launch

Since the day this blog started – over five years ago – there have been a couple of ever present entries on the ‘Upcoming Reviews‘ page. One of which, Nutter’s in Rochdale, I finally visited last month. Though I have to confess it wasn’t off my own bat. I was invited by Meze Publishing for the launch of their new ‘Lancashire …

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Grafene - King Street, Manchester

Grafene – Modern British Dining On King Street, Manchester

There’s a new addition to Manchester’s fine-dining scene. ‘Grafene’ on King Street is named after revolutionary 2D material ‘graphene’, albeit spelt incorrectly. Run by Paul and Kathryn Roden, owners of highly regarded Losehill House Hotel & Spa in the Peak District. And headed up by their executive chef over there, Darren Goodwin. Although I’ve never been to Losehill House I know several …

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Sketch, London

Afternoon Tea In Style At sketch, London

I know afternoon tea is a time-honoured British tradition. But sitting around in fancy hotels eating tiny sandwiches and pouring from a teapot isn’t exactly my idea of fun. Mrs Food Geek loves a good afternoon tea, though. So on a recent trip to London, I decided to repay the countless times she’s been dragged around restaurants and bars for my benefit. With a surprise …

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Umezushi, Manchester

Back To Umezushi, Manchester

You know you’re spoilt for choice when it takes over two years to return to one of your favourite restaurants. Amazingly, after visiting Umezushi countless times during their first year, that’s how long it had been since my last trip. This despite recommending the place to countless people since. Not much has changed inside the tiny sushi bar under the railway arch on Mirabel Street. It’s …

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Hawksmoor Manchester

Hawksmoor Manchester – The Best Steak Since…

Until this year the best steak I’d had in Manchester was over 15 years ago. It was at the newly opened Gaucho Grill, one of the first nice restaurants I went to when I could afford to eat out on my own. I’ve had some decent steaks since. At the likes of Grill On The Alley, The Lowry Hotel and perhaps …

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Drunken Butcher 'Beer Geek' Supper Club

‘Beer Geek’ Supper Club With The Drunken Butcher

A couple of months ago I hosted a private supper club. A bespoke 7-course tasting menu by the Drunken Butcher, including a curated cheeseboard. To which I paired a total of 11 beers. One for each course, four with the cheeseboard and an apéritif. It’s another one of those posts where I’m not quite sure where it belongs. On the …

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Wahaca Manchester

Wahaca Spring Menu @ Corn Exchange, Manchester

Did you know 2016 is the ‘year of the taco’? I didn’t either but it’s true, well, according to Restaurant Magazine anyway. To be honest I’ve been obsessed with them for years but I’ll take any excuse to eat more tacos. Mexican restaurant Wahaca already have several on their menu but are celebrating the ‘year of the taco’ with a …

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Parkers Arms

The Parkers Arms – Good Friday Fish Fest 2016

The Parkers Arms is one of my favourite places in the world to eat. I was blown away during my first visit on Good Friday three years ago. I’ve been back many times since and always loved it. But never again on Good Friday and never quite as much as that magical first time. Until the start of Easter weekend this …

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Yard & Coop - Manchester

Yard & Coop, Northern Quarter, Manchester

A few years ago it was hard to get fried chicken in Manchester. Unless you were happy to slum it at the likes of Krunchy Fried Chicken on Canal Street anyway. Then Splendid Sausage changed to Splendid Kitchen and featured a couple of fried chicken dishes that ended up becoming their signature. Since then its popped up on several other restaurant …

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Yo! Sushi - Manchester Arndale

YO! Sushi New Menu @ Manchester Arndale

As far as chain restaurants go Yo! Sushi are one of the good guys. I don’t eat in many chains and of course, I wouldn’t pick Yo! Sushi over a top independent sushi bar but they’re great at what they do. Their sushi is prepared in full view of diners with decent quality ingredients. And there’s always something zooming past …

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